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11 August 12

Penis Friday: A PSA and an Explanation

For those who don’t know, Penis Friday is a weekly event (held on Fridays, clearly) that Sherlockians celebrate by posting penises, both fandom related and not.

I’m somewhat of a terrible Sherlockian in that I take utilize this day purely to unabashedly post all the porn I wish to- rarely does it even approach the Sherlockian fandom. On Tumblr, one is very often presented with the chance to reblog porn (if you frequent the right corners of Tumblr) and I, being of a circumspect nature and perpetually aware of the possibility of my family somehow finding my blog, normally turn down those opportunities- much to my personal dismay. 

Luckily for me, Penis Friday is a brilliant excuse for me and other circumspect viewers to post teh pr0ns that we’ve been wanting to reblog but haven’t out of fear. Now, we can simply schedule all teh peen to pop up on Friday and we’re good to glow.

So, basically, this is the PSA and explanation for all the penis that one is /very/ likely to see from me on Fridays. After this, any need of eye-bleaching is on your own head….

Be wary but stout of heart*, ye brave wanderers. :3

*among other things

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